About us

Have you ever had a burning desire to try something only to be told that’s a bad idea or you can’t do that?

Have you ever believed the naysayers and set your dreams aside?

Or maybe you did pursue your dream only to fail the first time, so you gave up?

Does that sound familiar to you? You are not alone my friend. Stop feeling like a failure – we all fail but that does not make you a failure.

Hey Friends,

I’m Brandee with two E’s! Yes, my parents did in fact name me after the song – and yes, I still get all excited every time I hear it. Shout out to the band “The Looking Glass”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an inner drive to be an entrepreneur and to start my own thing. I even tried a few things here and there but what I didn’t know was that it’s okay to fail. It’s normal to pivot and that you should absolutely try again!

Our people are women who need that extra encouragement. They wish to feel supported, safe, and heard. They need a cheerleader of sorts with a bit of relatability, and a no bullshit mentality when necessary.

So that’s how Inspo Stickers came to be … to inspire and encourage other women to take notice of their power. Guess what – it’s normal to fail and it’s okay to get up and start again. You are Not Alone.

Our stickers are designed to motivate but still get to the bottom line. Many of my members either don’t have the right people in their lives to inspire them in this kind of way or don’t have any real support at all.

Our Membership is part subscription where we deliver inspiration and positivity to your mailbox with our stickers, and part membership where you are part of our community. A private FB group where only our members are part of. A place where we share positivity and encourage others. Special guests, challenges, happy hour zoom calls, and more.

See it – Repeat it – Believe it

Join us!