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Walking Challenge - 6 weeks - Spring 2024

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Do you need to get back into an exercise routine? Do you want to be fit? Not interested in joining another gym? Looking for something to ease back in? Our Spring walking challenge is a fantastic option to get you started.

So many of us women are let's face it a bit out of shape but not ready to go jump back into a spin class! The purpose of this walking challenge is to get you into a routine and mindset shift.  This is not about how far or how fast you're walking!  Be a part of our community and let's do this together.

Here's what happens ... for 6 weeks the goal is to walk 5 out of 7 days each week. Each day your goal is to walk 20-30 minutes. Each time you walk, you check into our private FB page and post that you walked that day. This way you are holding yourself accountable and we track your progress. Plus, it is an awesome way to encourage other women in our group!

Walking is one of my favorite workouts because you can do it anywhere, with little to no equipment, and it’s free!!

Join our Spring Walking Challenge 4/15 - 5/26/2024.

Special Pricing $19.99 to join the Challenge!