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brandee Velasquez

Monthly Membership - INSPO Stickers

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We deliver inspiration and positivity to your mailbox with our sticker subscription. But our Membership is where we connect!

Monthly Membership

YES sign me up! You will receive 3-4 of our unique specially designed stickers. One of which will only be found in our memberships. Pretty cool right!

You will be added to our Private Facebook Group Membership called the Inspo Crew. This is a work in progress of what this includes. At minimum I will be in this group live twice a month sharing stories, and making connections!

You will also receive FREE SHIPPING with your membership. Don't ya love that too?

We want you to feel good and encouraged each month when you open your special envelope filled with positivity from the INSPO Team.

Did you know we love hearing from our members not only where they put these motivational stickers, but more importantly how they helped them.

The stories, the feeling, the difference. That's what we want for you!

Can't wait to hear your story!

See it - Repeat it - Believe it - Be part of our Crew
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